Grayasusi – degustation menu
  • Mullet, bread and oranges
  • Spaghettoni with zucchini flowers, parmesan and wine
  • Chicken, potatoes and rosemary
  • Chocolate Nyangbo 68%, rosemary and salt Maldon

Ceraudo wine pairing40€

Dattilo – degustation menu
  • Lettuce and baccalà
  • Anchovies, toasted almonds and Chartreuse
  • Potato, bell pepper and basil
  • Podolica beaf, smoked topinambur and coffee
  • Spaghettino, citron and black star anice
  • Rice with green peas and parmesan
  • Seabass with seabass cream and candied lemon
  • Fennel and lemon
  • Lamb carriot with herbal breadcrumb coating and artichokes
  • Citrus soup, sheep yoghurt and orange

Ceraudo wine pairing60€


À la carte


  • Snapper fish, bergamot, limo, red pepper and wild mustard24€
  • Mullet, bread and oranges22€
  • Turbot, herbal mayonnaise and marinated lettuce (tribute to the “Ristorante Reale” di Niko Romito)24€
  • Lettuce and baccalà22 €
  • Podolica beaf, roses, smoked topinambur and coffee25€
  • Potato, bell pepper and basil20€

First courses

  • Bottoni pasta with almonds and ‘nduja24€
  • Tortello pasta with artichokes22€
  • Spaghettoni with borage and ricotta cheese22€
  • Warm soup with seafood and covatelli25€
  • Rice with green peas and parmesan22 €
  • Plin pasta with onion glazed beans 22€

Second courses

  • Mackerel, sheep yoghurt and fennels26€
  • Seabass with seabass cream and candied lemon28€
  • Veal shin glazed in sweet wine with carrots28€
  • Chicken, potatoes and rosemary26€
  • Pork, marinated figs and mint26€
  • Lamb carriot with herbal breadcrumb coating and portulaca30€