Ana Ros and Caterina give way to identity New York

I am proud to start the eighth edition of Identity New York with Ana Ros and Caterina Ceraudo», explains Mike in hand Paul Marks in the school of Eataly Flatiron, packed as every year, “in Italy, and not only in Italy, the kitchens of the important restaurants are Almost always populated by males. And if there is a woman, it is almost always the wife or the daughter of someone else. Ana and Caterina come from two areas off the tourist routes and this is another great reason for merit. ”

Caterina is presented with “Fusillone with pesto of 5 basilico, roasted anchovies and almonds ” While chef Ana Ros serves the “Mountain Rabbit 2.0 on holiday in Mexico “.

Great was the success of the lesson, several techniques taught by the chefs who will be among the protagonists of the week of Identity New York.